Dole Flow Regulators for Lavatories and Showers

These Dole flow regulators are designed for sinks, taps, and showers to save water in homes, public buildings, multi-unit housing and apartments, office buildings, hotels, and businesses. 

Dole Valves FMA 3/8" Lavatory / Sink Flow Regulator

3/8″ Male x Female Flow Regulator

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Dole Valves FMC 1/2" Lavatory / Sink Flow Regulator

1/2″ Female x Male Flow Regulator

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Dole Valves SR Shower Head Flow Regulator

Easily installed behind showerheads, the SR can help save water in hotels, apartments, homes, schools and more. Available in 1.5 to 3.0 GPM flow rates.

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