Snyder Industries 1050 Gallon Single Compartment Septic Tank

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  • Single Compartment (photo may not reflect actual product)
  • Lightweight resin: Can be placed in a pickup and moved by two people!
  • Tanks are furnished preplumbed with inlet and outlet tees, gaskets, and manhole covers.
  • Parabolic design minimizes deformation by transferring load from the top to the sidewalls and bottom.
  • Rounded, aggressive rib design maximizes stiffness for long life.
  • Ready for installation with heavy-duty Schedule 40 PVC tee assemblies
  • With the exception of the 300 gallon and 500 gallon sphere tanks, SEPTIC TANKS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS PUMP TANKS OR HOLDING TANKS WITH PUMPS IN THEM
  • Rotationally-molded
  • Simplex Part # ST51R

Additional information

Weight 314 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 64 × 62 in